One slope Shower underlay with line grid
  • One slope Shower underlay with line grid

One slope Shower underlay with line grid

Single-slope drainage channel to be tiled, supplied with pre-assembled waterproof mat, stainless steel drainage channel and grid


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The MONOBOARD tray has been designed for large tile formats. Easier to install, and less maintenance, large formats are trends in contemporary bathrooms. Supplied with an ultra-flat horizontal siphon and a pre-assembled waterproof mat.

General information

  • Density 36 kgs
  • m3
  • Compressive strength: 3 tons per m2
  • Fire behavior: Class E
  • Lightweight
  • Extra-flat (40 mm)
  • Channel finish
  • Recutable
  • Single slope model special large tiles
  • Extruded polystyrene reinforced with fiberglass and waterproof polymerized mortar
  • Pre-assembled waterproof mat that protrudes by 10 cm on each side for peripheral reading
  • Reinforced mechanical resistance
  • Compatible with all tiles
  • Guarantees against poisoning
  • Offset gutter grid
  • Grate size 70 cm per 7 cm
  • Adjustment of the height of the grid according to the height of the tiles
  • Evacuation of infiltrated water
  • 10-year warranty
  • Ultra-flat siphon
  • 40 mm siphon outlet
  • Flow rate 34 liters per minute


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