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Marmox SoundBoard

Marmox SoundBoard

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Marmox SoundBoard is a tile backer board which reduces the impact noise that passes through a floor into the room below.

General information

Like Marmox Multiboard Marmox SoundBoard provides a complete waterproof layer, secure decoupling, thermal insulation and low compressibility but with the added benefit of effective impact sound reduction.

One side of the board is coated with a sound insulating layer of SBR Rubber that isolates the tiled surface from the floor so that there is nothing for the sound waves to travel through. The rubber compound is natural so there is no plasticiser migration ensuring the material neither shrinks,degrades or becomes brittle.

SoundBoard will reduce the level of impact noise greater than the recommended minimum of 17dB.

Specification Data

Test 8mm 12mm
Thermal conduct ivity 0.042 W/mk 0.04 W/mk
Thermal resistance 0.19 m2 K/W 0.30 m2 K/W
Compressive strength to EN826 300 kPa 300 kPa
DLw Weighted impact sound reduct ion to ISO 140-8 28 dB 28 dB
As above (with t iled surface) 20 dB 20 dB
Dimensions 1250mm x 600mm 1250mm x 600mm
Weight 4.5kg 4.9kg